Tiny Village Latvia

About us


Currently, "Tiny Village Latvia" has grown into a business that includes several families, where everyone has their own important role. We work together and make sure that every guest feels welcome, and that the recreation would be enjoyabe.

The idea of mobile homes came about seven years ago. From the beginning, the author and creator of the idea, Ulvis Noviks, wanted to build the house for himself. But later it turned into a wonderful business idea.

As Ulvis himself says: "There has always been and still is a desire to create something new. Working in business field, I always wanted to add value."

From the beginning plan was to rent them, or transport them to location chosen from client, but at the moment they are located at Berzciems, and are not intended for transportation, but serve as prototypes for guests who would like to buy such a tiny house in the future. "Tiny Village" offers both rental and sale of tiny houses according to customers' preferences.

Currently, it is possible to rent three Tiny Houses (each house is suitable for max. 4 persons) - WEST HOUSE (the only one with a hot tub), NORTH HOUSE and SOUTH HOUSE. All cabins are heated and equipped with cold and hot water, toilet, shower, air conditioner, kitchen equipment with a refrigerator and the possibility to cook your own meals. There is also a large terrace where you can use the grill.